• Be your dog's favourite person

    August 15, 2022 2 min read

    Be your dog's favourite person
    Are you your dog's favourite person? Do you find yourself in competition for their attention?

    Dogs often choose their hooman who matches their personality.
    My youngest fur baby, Jemima May is my shadow. She is absolutely spoilt rotten & very smart (not at all like my personality hahaha)

    Our eldest fur baby, Matilda is my husband's girl. She's strong-willed & set in her ways (and now that she's older, a bit grumpy)

    Meika is our daughter's fur baby who lives with her grandpawrents (that's us!) Meika is the sweetest natured of the three dogs just like our daughter Jordyn.

    Like humans, dogs do have their favourite person. During their growth years, dogs are at an impressionable age wherein they prefer the person they can associate positive interaction and experiences. And yes! it's the person they can get treats from but the cuddles and fun activities with them greatly matters too.

    Puppies develop this bond with their fuparents as they grow older so it's quite easy to impress them. Shelter and rescued dogs can be quite challenging though as they've been through tough times and are a bit cautious toward humans. Earn their trust through positive reinforcement but be more patient. It'll take some time for them to adjust.

    How to win over your dog's affection

    Be calm.

    Don't get too overly excited when you first meet them. Wait for them to come over. You can easily identify when a pup is apprehensive through their body language. Be observant. You don't want them running away from you on your first meet-up.

    Be their Treat master

    Food will never fail. Be their source of goodies but don't overfeed! It's a treat, not lunch.

    Fun Fun Fun

    Play with them and make it interactive and all about them. Have it in the backyard where they can run freely without a leash. Create your own agility course. It'll get their mind working and the physical exercise will tire them out easily. Interactive games are also great mental stimulators. Teaching them commands will eventually become easier.

    Walk buddy

    Give them their regular walks. It's a great way for a quiet and bonding time with your dog.

    Just like how kids grew up to be, dogs also reflect their environment and the personality of their owners. It tells how you treat your dogs and if they're in a loving home.

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