• How to celebrate your dog's Gotcha Day

    July 30, 2022 2 min read

    Beautiful Dog in Fetching Ware Gear

    There's nothing like going home to your pup who greets you with his wagging tail and licks your whole face like he hasn't seen you for ages instead of just this morning. It certainly takes a load of stress away doesn't it? Looking back, you're so lucky you got him out of the shelter!

    Just like human babies, furparents celebrate the birthdays of their pets too. Sadly we don't know this detail when we adopt a pet. To celebrate their  birthdays, most furparents celebrate it on the day they got him out of a shelter or when they rescued him off the street. Whatever it is, it's their gotcha' day!

    Gotcha Day is celebrated to honour the day we opened our hearts and saved a life. It's a day to make them feel real special for coming into our lives.

    Here are some ideas to celebrate their Gotcha' Day:

    Steak it out 

    You can never go wrong with food! Every dog wants meat and there's nothing he won't do for a slice of it. Celebrate his special dog with a slice or two and he'll be lapping your face for a long time.

    Make sure the steak you're giving your dog doesn't include any harsh seasonings like salt, pepper, raw garlic, or onions.

    Gifts me anytime

    Collars, tags or microchips are also great ideas to give them if you haven't already (I got theirs even before we got them!). It's a way to identify them if they manage to get themselves lost.

    Some furparents even make this day their health day. Time to do their vaccines or regular checkups to make it much easier to remember.

    Party it out

    If you have the space for some party - go for it! They'd love to have their friends come over just like we do! Make it more fun by creating some obstacle courses for them to run around and lots of interactive toys to get their minds working.

    Organise a Donation drive

    There's nothing more satisfying than sharing your blessings forward. Get your friends to join you go to the shelter for a day of dog walking and volunteering. It's a great way to raise awareness of their plight and might even encourage them to find their furbabies.

    But if you're too tired or won't be able to because of a circumstance, whatever you decide on your dog will be delighted no matter what. He can just lay around with you the whole day and he'd be happy with that too. They're that grateful having you. 

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