• 5 things to consider before bringing home a pet

    July 15, 2022 2 min read

    5 things to consider before bringing home a pet

    Most pet owners grew up with dogs and cats and it's a given they will eventually have a dog or two when they decided to have their own family. I did.

    Pet ownership is a lifetime commitment. It's taking in on the responsibility of taking care of a living creature. It's giving a part of yourself to someone who gives their all to you. 

    But there are some who were introduced to the world of dogs and cats when they got older. Some just wanted a companion while some were influenced by others. Whatever the reason is, it's a big step for every pet owner and one that has to be taken quite seriously.

    Here are some things to consider when getting a pet: 

    Can you commit? 

    - specifically, do you have the time? Will you be able to address their needs like giving them their scratches and belly rubs, teaching them basic obedience, give them their bath and daily walks?

    Getting a dog specially adopting one takes time and patience. Think of taking care of a baby - with sharp teeth! 

    Will the pet fit your lifestyle?

     - Is your neighborhood pet friendly? Will you be travelling a lot? Whose going to watch over your pet while you're away? Is it okay to have lots of paws prints and fur all over the house? Are you allergic to dog hairs?

    The breed and the age is one important thing to consider too. If you're a couch potato and want to laze around, don't get high-energized dogs. Do some research which breed fits your personality and lifestyle.

    Can you afford to have a pet? 

     - are you willing to spend some $$$ for their annual shots and medications if the situation arise? Dog food, vitamins and other essentials are quite expensive too. Not to mention your house might need some work to make it pet safe.

    Bills. Bills. Bills will be waving. Prevention is better than cure still applies to them.

    Are you willing to adjust?

     - are you willing to share your bed, your couch, your personal space? Because they will be glued to you wherever you are in the house - except the bath.

    Should you adopt or buy?

    - do you have the means to buy? Do you have breed preference or do you want to change and save a life? 

    If you have breed preference, make sure you can afford to maintain the lifestyle they require. Adopting is cheaper and satisfying but it is going to be more challenging. Most of these animals were abused, neglected and have trust issues. You have to have a strong heart and determination to help them get over their trauma and get them to trust you.

    Final thought:

    Getting a pet is not something you do on a whim. You have to think things through and be smart about your choices. Don't be impulsive. Don't buy fashionable popular dog breeds just to show off or adopt just because you're bored. Think things through because you will be affecting a life and prevent them from being neglected or surrendered to shelters.

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