• How Bringing Your Pet To Work Can Increase Your Productivity and Morale

    June 30, 2022 2 min read

    How Bringing Your Pet To Work Can Increase Your Productivity and Morale

    According to a poll by Animal Medicines Australia, there has been a substantial boom in pet ownership. Nationally, 69% of households now own a pet, up from 61% only two years ago. This has been led by a surge in dog ownership—with over a million additional dogs being brought into Australian households since 2019.

    69% of Australian households currently have a pet, with over 50% having at least one dog and 30% having a cat.

    Due to the pandemic, people saw the benefits of owning pets. They gained companionship, comfort, positive physical and mental health and of course the unconditional love and loyalty of a pet.

    But things are slowly getting back to normal with businesses opening up and people going back to offices. Pet owners now face the dilemma of leaving the cute pooches behind. With months spending your days together, you got so used to being with your pet daily, somehow it feels empty without them.

    Granting that your workplace is pet-friendly, why not bring your pet to work? 

    While they can’t help you do your job, bringing your pet to work offers many wonderful advantages for you, your pet and your employer. 

    Here are some benefits of bringing your pet to work

    Reduce stress

    When things gets too hectic, just look at their gorgeous eyes or play with them for a bit, it'll surely put a smile on your face.

    Improve communication with coworkers 

    Coworkers' interactions can become more casual when there are pets around. It'll encourage mobility to stretch their legs out when they take your pet out for a stroll

    Improve work-life balance

    This will help you get more work time as you don't have to hurry home, worrying they turned the house upside down!

    Good for mind reboot

    Some playtime with your pet will definitely gets you in a good mood and refresh your mind to come up with new strategies or come up with a solution to a problem that's been bugging you since morning.

    While all of these are great and you're excited to bring them to your workplace asap, make sure your pet is housebroken and knows basic commands to prevent them creating havoc in your workplace.

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