• 5 Fun games for your dogs

    April 13, 2022 2 min read

    5 Fun games for your dogs

    Toys are essential for your dog's growth. And somehow we instinctively know that because that's the first thing we buy for them. Well, aside from the reason that we find it cute and we want to give them a comfort buddy.

    Toys give mental and physical excitement to our pets. When they're bored, they go for their toy or if they feel sleepy, they go for their snuggle buddy. 

    Dogs, like people, become bored quickly and need to be kept occupied with activities that promote a healthy body and mind.  Exercises assist in releasing pent-up energy in a positive way and toys are used to make things more fun and interactive.

    Choose games that your dog will love, such as running, swimming, playing with balls, and entertaining activities. 


    Here are some great games you can try with your buddy:

    Hide and Seek - hide their favourite toy or even better use cheese to get their noses on the ground 

    Tug of War - use a strong rope when you do this - and remember to let go if you see your dog is getting quite serious. This sends them the signal that the fun stops when they get too rowdy

    Frisbee - let's see those legs moving (and your arms stretching too!)

    Agility course - be creative in your backyard and get the rest of the family to do it with you

    Interactive toys - to get their minds working

    Good ol' Fetch - you will never go wrong

    Jemima here is ball-crazy little miss sassy. She can play fetch all day long! I indulge her just to get her off my workspace and tire her out!

    I have three girl poodles & Jemima is the only one that likes to play “fetch”, she likes a specific ball & has a variety of them all over the house. Hand on heart she picks her colour in the morning & only wants this ball all day long ( I know people say dogs are colour blind ???).

    She would play all day if she could, she makes it easy as she always delivers it straight into your hand. If you don’t want to play ball in our house, never say where’s “BALL BALL”.

    Remember the key is to make it fun. It’s a great way to show your dog that you love them.

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