• Fetching Tails

    March 17, 2022 2 min read

    Fetching Tails

    When you’re a pawrent and passionate about your furbaby, you want to share your story with just about everybody. Some people would describe us as “Crazy dog people”, I would say we are like-minded!

    I'm Megan Havard, the proud owner of the online pet brand, Fetching Ware. A Petpreneur and mum of 3 incredible hooman children: Jordyn 25, Cody 24 and Brayden 21. The furbabies are Matilda 14, Meika 9 and Jemima May 5.

    In my first blog attempt I would like to share with you a bit about myself, my family and why I started my online pet brand, Fetching Ware in 2016.

    My love of animals started at an early age and being the youngest of 5 children, I enjoyed dressing up our dogs like babies.  When I had children of my own and moved back to Australia from living in Alaska, I decided to have Matilda. My first furborn. She entered our lives when we bought our first home, and she now runs the house with her little sisters Meika and Jemima May. My family and I quickly realised that having our furbabies become part of our family unit provided us with unconditional love that changed our life views in an instant. 

    Now, when did the pet brand and online business idea come to mind?

    My husband, Sean and I often talked about starting a business of our own, but we were struggling with what we wanted to do. We bounced ideas off each other, between family and friends, and sometimes strangers who would listen to us. We have too many ideas and just couldn't come up with anything concrete.

    The light bulb moment came when my daughter asked “Mum, what’s your passion?" I looked down and I have these two little heartbeats at my feet. It was in front of me the whole time! My love and passion for my furbabies.  I would love to have my girls working with me in my home office!

    Thus, Fetching Ware was born. The brand is all about creating a truly personal experience for dog owners to share their love and style for their furbabies through style, functionality and pure glam.

    Look forward to my next blog!

    Meg xx


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