• Dog jumps - are they bad?

    September 01, 2022 2 min read

    Beautiful Dog Playing on a cold winter day in a Fetching Ware Jumper / Sweater

    There's nothing more satisfying than to end a day's work to be greeted by our babies with kisses, licks and scratches!

    Dogs show their excitement through numerous ways like jumping in on you, tail wags, howls, licks, zoomies and many others. We typically disregard these because we're excited to get smooshed up too. But these behaviours might eventually lead to harm.

    When you overlook these unruly behaviours, dogs tend to see these as acceptable conduct that's why they will keep doing it. When they get all rowdy, we scold them but not too stern and then we immediately pet them so as to not "hurt" their feelings. Allowing them to get away with it gives them the impression that they have the control and mind you, they will eventually control you.

    When you permit your dog to jump on you as a greeting or if they're excited, they will be treating everyone they get into contact with the same way. That is quite dangerous as you are not sure how other people will react. It could lead to someone getting hurt.

    As a parent, you should take on the responsibility to train your dog. Training is both ways, both for you as the one in command and your pup as subordinate.  Ask for advice and watch Youtube tutorials (there are lots) until you find the right one that works.

    Here are some points to remember:

    • Don't get too over excited every time you greet them. Keep it calm.
    • Ignore them when they jump on you. Turn the other way.
    • If they jump on you while you're sitting, stand up and ignore them until they settle down.
    • If they jump on a guest as a greeting, ask the guest do the same - turn and walk away. 
    • This is On Repeat until they get the idea.

    Make sure though that when you train them, have their favourite guest as co-trainor. You wouldn't want someone they don't like when you train them.

    It takes patience and persistence but it'll definitely be worth it. Good luck!

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