• Snooziez with Silent Shhhqueaker - Bear

    Introducing Snooziez Bear with Shhhqueaker: the ultimate solution for dog owners who love their pets but not the constant squeaking of toys. These cuddly corduroy companions offer a delightful squeak that’s audible to dogs but blissfully silent to human ears. Ideal for maintaining peace during TV time, remote work sessions, or when your little one is napping. Snooziez are the first of ZippyPaws' new line of silent dog toys. The innovative Shhhqueaker emits a high-frequency squeak only dogs can hear, replacing the noisy squeaks of traditional toys. Unlike other silent squeakers, it's entirely metal-free for safety. Each Snooziez toy includes one ZippyPaws exclusive Shhhqueaker, ensuring quieter playtime for both you and your furry friend.

    Product Dimension:  Approximately 30cm