Capri in Gunmetal Harness


Our Capri is a stunning Turquoise colour often associated with meanings of refreshing, calming & sophistication, your Pooch will be very glamorous in their new Fetching Ware Glam.

This everyday go-to has a sophisticated look and is finished in Chic Gunmetal hardware , a true wear-with-Style and Glam while your Fur baby is out on their adventures.

  • Gunmetal hardware is finished with metal and double coated in Electroplate.
  • Hi-quality Faux Leather with a thick Nylon backing for added comfort.
  • Boxed Stitching at joins provides extra strength for the collar.
  • Adjustable function for making it easier to find the perfect size for your "Fur Baby".
  • Matching Lead in the same Width as the Harness to Complement the ensemble.  
Sizing & Fit

Harness Sizing:

 Size Width (CM) Neck (CM) Belly (CM) Back (CM) Front (CM)
S 1.5
8 11-14
M 2.0 32-45
10 14-20
L 2.5 39-64
15 19-28