• Keep your dogs weather safe

    February 28, 2023 2 min read

    Keep your dogs weather safe
    Our weather is getting quite unpredictable and it's becoming quite a challenge for us pet owners. Extreme weather can affect our pets as much as it can affect us. Rainy months means not having their regular walks which makes them getting restless and rowdy. We have to thinks of ways to get them entertained otherwise we can't get things done.

    Autumn is fast approaching and we're yet to see if it really is a fine weather for some leisurely walks in the park. Dogs generally love autumn because of cooler temperature and they'll be looking forward for lots of leaves rolling.

    Here are some ways to keep them safe:

    Avoid letting them jump on leafpiles

    A challenge I know, as they would run and jump like crazy as soon as they see one. Unknowingly leafpiles might contain sharp twigs or toxic plants which can endanger them. Best to rake some leaves in your yard and let them have their fill.

    Have control over your dog during walk. A lead or harness will keep them in check and ensure they won't be jumping on leafpile or running after something.

    Keep them away from plants

    There are autumn plants which are harmful to dogs. Acorns, Autumn Crocus and certain ferns when eaten are toxic to cats and dogs. Here are some poisonous plants you have to take note of. 

    Avoid and watch out for pesticides

    Rodents will soon be looking for some warm and cozy nesting hide out. Avoid poisoning them, instead ask advice from a pest control specialist for a pet-friendly solution

    Don't miss their regular tick and flea treatment

    These pesky fleas will soon be sneaking in so make sure not to miss out at this time of the year.

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