• Do you need to train your dog?

    January 15, 2023 2 min read

    Dog in an adjustable harness from Fetching Ware

    Every furparent knows training a pet is a challenge. It requires time, dedication, commitment and PATIENCE. Dog training though isn't just one way. And just like any other relationship to work, it requires both parties and that's you and your dog.

    I imagine there are lots of dogs and cats given as gifts last Christmas. Some have bigger hearts and opted to adopt a rescue. But most dogs don't have proper training especially puppies and this becomes a concern for some who don't have the patience and time. This leaves the pup to become unruly and often mischievous.

    Basic obedience training is easy. Practice positive reinforcement. Since dogs are highly motivated by food, use treats for training. Other motivators are dog toys and even simple stuff like snuggles and scratches.

    Simple commands like sit, come, fetch, leave it and stay are basic trainings you can teach your dog at home.

    Here are some dog training tips on how to make it easy:

    Set a time. Daily

    Train your pup daily. Give it 5 minutes, more or less per command otherwise, he'll get bored and won't listen to you however yummy the treat is. Train twice a day at 5 minutes per session to be adjusted as he gets to learn more words.

    One word at a time.

    Don't overwhelm him with too many commands at one time. Remember he's like a newborn baby learning their first word. Introduce one command per week or until he gets it then add another one and eventually command both words in your session.

    Be consistent in your command

    Mean what you say. Don't confuse him by using the same command for other meanings. Don't command "come" but it's you going over to him if he doesn't respond. Stay where you are and continue to command until he goes over to you. I reiterate - patience.

    Get the family's cooperation

    He's not just your dog, it's the family's. Get everybody to train him. It's a great way to bond and your pup sees everybody's enjoying the activity with him. He'll surely be looking forward to showing off.

    Let everybody know the training techniques you're doing. They need to be as consistent as you.

    Don't give in

    Don't look at those eyes. Don't give him treats if he doesn't get the command right even if he doesn't get one at the end of the training, at all. Pat and softly talk to him instead. Do something else to compliment his effort. He has to understand that the treats are solely for getting the commands right.

    Use a clicker or assign a word of approval

    A clicker is a good marker for a dog to identify they got the command right. If you don't have a clicker, pat and use words like good boy or yey.

    Remember, training a dog is a two way thing and it doesn't happen overnight. Some dogs are naturally smart and for some longer than your expectation. That calls for you to be a good parent and continue teaching him until he gets it right. Be patient, be consistent and remember to give him the whole treat as soon as he gets it right!

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