• Alaskan Night Harness


    Introducing Fetching Ware’s North from Alaska range,  even though the sun does not rise for about 60 days around Winter Solstice in Alaska,  locals say "even though it is Night, it is never truly dark".

    This everyday go-to has a sophisticated look and is finished in Chic Rose Gold hardware , a true wear-with-Style and Glam while your Fur baby is out on their adventures.

    • Rose Gold hardware is finished with metal and double coated in Electroplate.
    • Hi-quality Faux Leather with a thick Nylon backing for added comfort.
    • Boxed Stitching at joins provides extra strength for the collar.
    • Adjustable function for making it easier to find the perfect size for your "Fur Baby".
    • Matching Lead in the same Width as the Harness to Complement the ensemble.  
    Sizing & Fit

    Harness Sizing:

     Size Width (CM) Neck (CM) Belly (CM) Back (CM) Front (CM)
    S 1.5
    8 11-14
    M 2.0 32-45
    10 14-20
    L 2.5 39-64
    15 19-28