• How to deal with your dogs during holiday stress

    November 15, 2022 2 min read

    How to deal with your dogs during holiday stress

    Holidays are fast approaching and we're looking forward to finally take a breather from work and have some fun during family gatherings. 'Tis the season to be jolly' as the song goes. But at the back of your mind, you're dreading it too.

    Holidays are known to be quite stressful for our pets. People will be coming around more often than usual. There will be parties to host, guests and family members on sleep overs. Unfortunately the unfamiliarity and so many changes can cause stress to your furbabies.

    So what to do? Prep them up! 

    Tips to make it less stressful for your dogs:

    Create a safe space

    Give your dog a safe space to relax and take their usual nap. It is ideal to put it somewhere quiet and away from festivity noises specially if there will be fireworks. Prepare their crate to be comfortable as much as possible. Put pillows or blanklets that they can bury their head in. Loud yet soothing music beside them may also help alleviate their fear.

    Maintain their routine

    Make sure to give them their meals as per usual. Take them on their regular walks. Give them their usual snuggles and scratches. Make it a normal day for them.

    Toys and Activities

    Include them in your activities. With so many guest coming over, have them interact with your dog for some fun and games. He'll eventually love having them around! Check out out interactive toys here

    Prescription Meds

    If anxiety is kicking in, ask your vet for some prescription medicine to help him settle down. Remember don't self medicate.

    Holidays or not, training your dog to socialize is still vital. It's important they meet people outside the home and get use to loud noises to overcome their fear.

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